Monday, September 10, 2012

Mushrooms stuffed with sheep cottage cheese and bacon

Cottage cheese made of sheep milk has a great, very distinctive taste. We usually eat it with gnocchi and bacon, but it works really well with mushrooms, too. If sheep cottage cheese is not available in your country, use a mixture of feta and sour cream or ricotta and sheep cheese. Or goat cheese with something that will make it more creamy. Maybe you will find sheep cheese as pecorino, and sheep cottage cheese as ricotta di pecora, as the Italian versions may be more widespread.

Mushrooms stuffed with sheep cottage cheese and bacon

Ingredients (for four person)

0.5 kilo (1 pound) of mushrooms, preferably champignons
100 g s(3.5 oz) sheep cottage cheese
2 tablespoons of sour cream
200 g bacon
sunflower oil

Wash the mushrooms, and separate the head from the trunk. Heat up some oil in a pan, and cook the mushrooms for about 3 minutes each side. Take them off the heat and drain them. Mix together the sheep cottage cheese and the sour cream, and spoon the mixture over the mushrooms. Chop the bacon into large dices, and place one piece on each mushroom. Put the mushrooms in a mini-grill or an oven at about 180°C (365°F) for 10 minutes, or until the bacon is roasted and the cheese is molten. I served with mashed potato flavored with fried onions, but gnocchi is also a very good choice.

Do you have sheep cottage cheese in you country? How do you eat it?

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