Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An epic fail, or how I invented cottage cheese polenta

Is it normal that when I realized that I completely failed at preparing dinner, I was more sorry for my perfectly planned blog post than the dinner itself? I guess not. This is not a story when something goes wrong, but the outcome turns out to be miraculously good, but I think it is funny, so I wanted to share anyway.

So, I was planning to make sweet cottage cheese dumplings, because I've been craving it for such a long time. These are dumplings made of cottage cheese, semolina, eggs and sugar, cooked in water, then covered in fried breadcrumbs. They are served with cinnamon flavored sweetened sour cream on the top. They are supposed to be very good, but so far, I have never made them on my own.
I looked up a recipe that sounded simple enough, and started to prepare them quite hungrily, eager to make the first bite. Unfortunately, as I didn't have semolina at home, I replaced it with polenta. However, I did not take into account that they behave quite differently, as polenta requires much more time to soak. But I was hungry, and didn't want to wait. I got my well deserved "prize" for my negligence, as the balls have completely disintegrated in the boiling water, resulting in a not-so-good-looking slurry. Quite disappointed, I added the rest of the cottage cheese mixture to the water, hoping for a miracle. It didn't came, but after cooking this mess for some time, I realized that it is more or less a simple polenta, with lots of cottage cheese in it. So I am determined to eat it anyway. It tastes just like the dumplings should have, only it looks totally different. I expect it to get quite thick by tomorrow, so that I could slice it, and  then I could eat it with the poor cinnamon flavored sour cream, that I have prepared in vain.


  1. It's kinda awesome when a recipe goes wrong but still tastes amazing!
    80% of the time the food isn't as good as planned, but that other 20% it's MAGICAL. :)

  2. Sometimes that's the best way to create a new favorite food!

  3. Yummy mistakes are the best! It softens the blow and instantly turns a frown upside down =D